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Maximize Your Home's Value With Fast, Nationwide Cash Offers

Your Nationwide Real Estate Solutions Partner | Rooted in Atlanta

Property Evaluation

Receive a comprehensive assessment of your property's market value, helping you make informed decisions about pricing and sale strategy.

Contract Signature

Contract Preparation

Get peace of mind with professionally prepared, legally compliant contracts for a smooth transaction.

Judge's Gavel on Books

Handling the Closing Process

Let us handle all aspects of the closing process, ensuring a hassle-free and quick finalization of your sale.


I am so glad I found Waymon Investments when I did.  I needed to sell my property quick without feeling I was being taken advantage of. Jason was extremely patient. He walked me through every step of the process and explained it in great detail. He was truly the best.  I would recommend Waymon Investments ten times over!

Kristy Bright-Chapple

Jason with Waymon Investments was great to with with.  I struggled to find a buyer willing to buy one of my properties for a fair price when I initially listed, honestly thought of giving up.  Jason was able to give me a fair offer and close fast.  Great experience!

John Holmes

I wanted to sell my house and after doing my research I came across Waymon Investments LLC. After speaking with Jason we agreed on a price and I received every penny of what we agreed on. He was very professional and he close the deal very quick. I look forward to working with him again.

Dedrick Thedford

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House Repairs

Owning your own home is a really rewarding experience, but with it comes a lot of responsibility. Routine maintenance and other crisis repairs can take you by surprise. Learn More


Unwanted Stress

Selling a house is stressful no matter how many rooms you're leaving behind. Whether you're selling to a first-time property buyer, an out-of-state investor, a trusted real estate agent or a family member who wants to make sure it’s the right move before making an offering on a larger chunk of land, selling your house is bound to be a little hectic. Learn More

Real Estate Contract with Pen and Calculator

Financial Issues

Financial difficulties can happen for many reasons. You might be at risk of foreclosure, or you may have impeded your financial well-being with an unexpected expense. Learn More

home keys

Inherited House

You’re probably thinking, “What is an inherited home?” Let’s take a look at this term. An inherited home is a home that you inherit. Yes, you read that right. It sounds simple enough, but it happens all the time. But, what do you do with it? Learn More


My name is Jason Rushin, owner of Waymon Investments.

I'm a real estate investor, innovator, and my mission is to use knowledge to help solve problems in real estate in order to better every community. As a company, Waymon Investments Not Only Invest in Real Estate, We Invest in People to Better the Future.

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Jason Rushin, Owner of Waymon Investments LLC
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