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Frequently Asked Questions About Waymon Investments LLC

We’ve come up with frequently asked questions about the cash buying process. All homes are different, so we decided to put together the answers you need to learn why we’re just right for you. If there’s something we’ve missed, please reach out and a member of our staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Who is Waymon Investments?

Waymon Investments was established in order to better the community by solving problems in local real estate using years of knowledge and experience. We not only invest in real estate... We invest in people. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, we buy homes fast without you paying any closing costs. We accept houses in any condition, and we provide a no obligation cash offer at the time of purchase.

How does the house buying process work?

The selling process is simple: Call us to schedule a visit. Give us a little information about your house. You can do this by calling us at phone number , or by using the contact form on this website. Get a cash offer. After evaluating the condition of the house and answering any questions you might have, if you everything checks, you’ll get a no obligation cash offer for your home. Close the deal. After accepting the offer, we’ll set up a closing time that works for you. Just as simple as that.

Are there any fees for visiting my property?

No fees. Every home consultation is free of charge. Would you like to set up free home consultation?

Are there any fees for making a cash offer?

Absolutely not. Contact us today for a free cash offer.

What should I fix before I sell my house?

Nothing really. We buy homes in any condition so nothing is required. However, any repairs that are made will only add to the value of your home. Check this blog on how to… for ideas on how to increase home value.

Why should I sell my house to Waymon Investments?

There are many reasons why people need to sell their house fast. Some of these are financial reasons, inherited properties, and repairs that need to be done. Regardless of the reason, we can help you get the quick sale that you deserve. For example:

  1. If you have a mortgage and are unable to pay it back, selling your home may be the easiest way to get rid of it. At Waymon Investments, we can help you sell your home in the shortest amount of time possible.

  2. If you are a married couple, then it is likely that you will split the house's value in half. However, if you can't reach an agreement regarding who should live in the house, then you may be forced to sell.

  3. Sometimes, it makes more sense to sell a home that has been inherited from a relative than to keep it up and running. The added stress isn't healthy, and the cost of keeping up with the property can be overbearing at times. This can be an easier process to do, as we can help you liquidate the property quickly and avoid the stress involved in keeping the house up and running.

  4. Perhaps, due to a high crime rate, you need to move out of the area immediately. This can be a hard decision to make. However, no matter the circumstances, we can help you move from your home quickly

Do I have to accept the deal if I request a cash offer or arrange for a home consultation?

No. Cash offers and home consultations are absolutely free and require no obligation on your part. We only want to help so we’re happy to answer your questions, visit your home or make a cash offer. Because of that, you’re free to either accept or decline. Want to learn more?

Waymon Investment LLC
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